EFT Special Instructions for State Agencies

Payments made by state agencies to governments and to reimburse working funds should be made via EFT. State agency fiscal personnel authorized to establish working funds and other agency bank accounts must follow the guidelines and instructions contained in the State Comptroller's Accounting and Procedures Manual (APM). Specific sections of the manual that pertain to this issue are 3.1.18 - Automated Clearing House - ACH payments, 3.13 - Petty Cash and Working Funds and, 3.14 - Special Bank Accounts. Additionally, the agency must complete form GAD X-10, the EFT registration form. Vendors who have contacted the agency directly concerning receiving EFT payments should be instructed to contact the General Accounting Division.

State agencies will be responsible for the completeness and accuracy of all information submitted on the registration form.

A disbursement remittance advice will not be mailed for EFT disbursements.