Administration and Finance Division

The primary purpose of our division is to provide fiscal and administrative support to the divisions of the Comptroller of Maryland as well as the Board of Public Works and the Register of Wills. The division is also responsible for the accounting records of the Capital Grants and Loans program and records concerning debt service for the state's General Obligation Bonds.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high-quality, efficient and timely financial and administrative services to support the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Comptroller of Maryland.

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Comptroller of Maryland
Office of Administration and Finance
Comptroller of Maryland
PO Box 466
Annapolis, MD 21404-0466

The division is also responsible for the accounting records concerning debt service for the state's General Obligation Bonds and the records of the Capital Grants and Loans program. We administer the state's debt on General Obligation Bonds which are issued to fund the Capital Projects statewide. This debt is offset by the collection of the state property tax, notes receivable, reimbursements from the Department of Education and a general fund appropriation.

The Capital Grants Unit administers payments on capital project match grants that are approved during the General Assembly Legislative session(s). These match capital grants are called State Bond Bills. We work with the grantees to guide them through the process to obtain the state funds and we explain the policy and procedures that need to be followed to receive their money.

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How to apply for a State Bond Bill Click Here

"Procurement" includes all functions that pertain to the process of leasing real property as a lessee, and the process of buying, leasing as lessee, purchasing, or otherwise obtaining any supplies, services, construction, construction-related services, architectural services, engineering services, or services provided under an energy performance contract, including description of requirements, selection, and solicitation of sources, preparation and award of contract, and all phases of contract administration

The Administration and Finance Office manages procurements which allow the agency to acquire the commodities, services and technology that is necessary to carry out the Comptroller' mission.

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