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The Comptroller of Maryland's motto, "Serving the People," is a priority throughout the agency. Staff members are devoted to providing exceptional customer service to taxpayers and other constituent groups by assisting and providing detailed information regarding taxes and other agency-related matters.

General Contact Information

Phone: 410-260-7813
Fax: 410-974-3979

Mailing Address:
General Accounting Division
Goldstein Treasury Building
80 Calvert Street
Annapolis MD, 21404-0746

Vendor Contact Information

Vendor Payments
Email: Payment Inquiries
Phone: 410-260-7813

State Information, tax debt withholding or state liability offset notices
Phone: 410-767-1642

Federal Information, Form 1099 returns, Federal Offset of Payments
Phone: 410-260-7350

Online One Stop Vendor Payment Inquiry System (OSVPI)
Phone: 410-260-7813

Phone: 410-260-7813
Fax: 410-974-3979

For vendors with questions concerning EFT Registration, contact the General Accounting Division, phone 410-260-7813.