Exempt Org Renewal

Maryland Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate Renewal Online Application
All non-profit organizations that currently have a certificate expiring on September 30, 2017 are required to renew their certificate using the online Maryland SUTEC renewal app. Note: All current Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificates held by non-profit organizations expire on September 30, 2022. Information regarding the 2022 renewal application, including instructions to complete your renewal application online, will be mailed to the organization beginning May 2, 2022. Our online renewal service will be available for the 2022 renewal period starting May 9, 2022. Upon a successful renewal, your organization will receive a new Maryland Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate valid until September 30, 2027.

Please review the following information carefully before proceeding to the next page. Once you click submit application, you will not be able to edit the information provided.

This application must be completed by an Authorized Officer. An Authorized Officer is a person formally empowered by a business entity to conduct business on its behalf, or a person who can act in an official capacity on behalf of the organization, such as an executive director, CEO, CFO, COO, president, secretary, treasurer, deacon, elder, pastor or any other officer specified by the rules of operation, Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws.

You must have the following information before you can renew your organization’s Maryland Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate:

- Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)

- Instructions for Exemption Certificate Renewal letter mailed to organization

Be sure to print a copy of each page during the online renewal application to keep for your records. Upon your successful renewal, your organization will receive a new Maryland Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate with an expiration date of five years from the current expiration (September 30, 2022). New certificates will be mailed in September 2017. If additional information is required to process your application, our office will contact you via written correspondence. Please contact 410-260-7980 with questions regarding the renewal application.

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