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Alcoholic Beverages Permits Database Query

  1. To obtain a list of all holders of a specific permit type, select the desired permit type from the drop-down box under Search Criteria. Then click on the Search button at the bottom of the screen to begin the search.
  2. To search for a specific permit holder, key information in any of the Search Criteria fields. The 7-character permit number should be entered without a hyphen after the prefix. Note: Keying fewer fields, or fewer characters within a field, will increase the number of search results.
  3. To choose the information that will be displayed in your search results, check the desired boxes in the Show column. Click on checked boxes to remove checkmarks for items that you do not want included in your search results.
  4. To sort your search results, click a circle in the Sort by and 2nd Sort column. Your results will appear in order first by the item chosen in the Sort by column, then by the item chosen in the 2nd Sort column.

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