Credit Control Reporting System
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System Overview:

The Internet based Credit Control Reporting System allows the Maryland Office of the Comptroller to manage retailer credit information. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Unit (ATTU) maintains Credit Control information in a computerized database. The Credit Control database includes information on the retailers and wholesalers of wine and distilled spirits, as well as a history of the non-payment, late payment, and returned checks by retailers.

Contact Info:

For assistance or information contact the Comptroller's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Unit by phone at (410) 260-7532 or e-mail to:, P.O. Box 2999, Annapolis, Maryland 21404-2999.

Access Requirements:

Access is limited to verified wholesalers and Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Unit personnel. Wholesalers will only be able to access the Credit Control database with an authorized user name and password. Access can be requested from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Unit.

System Requirements for Internet browser:

Google Chrome is recommended for best performance with JavaScript and cookies enabled.



The Credit Control application has been extensively tested with most major Internet browsers, however, due to the magnitude of browser versions and configurations, the Comptroller's Office can not guarantee all functions of the Credit Control application will work with all browsers.

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