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 1.   What type of ownership does your business have?

Sole Proprietorship
Non-Profit Corporation
Maryland Corporation
Limited Liability Company
Non-Maryland Corporation

 2. Have you paid or do you anticipate paying wages to individuals, including corporate officers, for services performed in Maryland?
Yes No
 3. Please enter your nine-digit federal identification number (FEIN). If you are a sole proprietorship or applying for a sales and use tax license only and do not have a FEIN, enter your Social Security number (SSN): FEIN: -

SSN: - -
  If you need to apply for a FEIN, you can click on the link below and follow the directions to obtain this number from the IRS. Apply for a FEIN.
 4. All applicants must enter the nine-digit Social Security number of the individual owner of the company or officer or agent of a corporation responsible for remitting the taxes
- -
 5. Enter the name of the person whose Social Security number you entered in the previous question:
 6. Enter the legal name of the dealer, employer, corporation or owner (Sole Proprietorship):
 7. Enter the business trade name if different from your response in the previous question:
 8. Enter your Department of Assessment & Taxation Entity Identification Number:

 9.   Enter street address of business location:

Address1 (Continued):
Zip/Postal Code:

  10.   Enter the mailing address if different from the address provided in the previous question

Address2 (Continued):
Zip/Postal Code:
 11.    Enter the phone number of the business: ()--
 12.    Enter the fax number of the business: ()--
 13.    Enter your e-mail address:


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