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Special Fuel Exemption Inquiry -
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Special Fuel Exemption Numbers are valid for bulk deliveries only and will indicate which specific fuel may be purchased without the Maryland motor fuel tax.  These tax-free purchases can be made only for the product(s) specifically exempt by the active Exemption Number.

Suppliers of special fuels are responsible for the Maryland motor fuel tax on any bulk delivery not covered by a valid Exemption Number at the time of that delivery.

Please provide your selection criteria and specify a sort order. Please be aware that if you do not supply any selection criteria your search may take a long time.

Please scroll down for Search tips.

Selection Criteria

Search Tips

The Exemption Certificate database may be searched using one of three fields - Certificate number, Corporate name, or Trading As name - in conjunction with the certificate Class designation.

If the search is by certificate number, the class does not need to be specified; simply enter the 6-digit certificate number.

To search by either Corporate name or Trading As name, specify as little or as much of the name as you wish (for example, entering "sev" in the Trading As name will return a list of every certificate holder whose TA name contains the letters "sev" in that order).

To limit the search to a certain class when searching by either Corporate name or Trading As name, select that class from the drop-down list in the Class field; to list certificates in all classes, select All (the default) from the drop-down list.

Once you have entered your search options, press the SEARCH button.

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